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EXPERT CLEANERS WHO can take up any cleaning service!

At Conrad Cleaning Services, we know professionalism and experience is what makes the difference. Coupled with the human angle, that is what completes it. Yes. Cleaning can be undertaken with good equipment, supplies and products. But if you want good personnel who are communicative and interactive and endeavour to get the job done, that is a service that comes with a lot of value, and to find all of this in one entity can be a rarity. And that is where we score, we have all these qualities and more. 

We hire and train people who not only come with the right skill sets but display all the above listed qualities so that we provide a wholesome cleaning service. 

Yes. Keep in mind that we are insured, licensed and certified. 

Introducing our small but efficient cleaning services team:

Jake Garner

Cleaning Service Professional

Jake has been with us for a while now. We trained him, and we rely on him to take care of all the cleaning service needs. He specialises in residential cleaning and carpet cleaning and he oversees the work carried out by other cleaners and takes care of any cleaning service needs in this sector.

Sarah Lawson

Administrative Assistant

Sarah handles the administrative section of our company. When we are all out working, it is Sarah who keeps it all together. From payments, payroll, to clerical work, it is Sarah’s responsibility. She is the Rock of Gibraltar in our organization. We wouldn’t have gotten to where we are, if it were not for her!

Jeff Blume


Jeff has been with Conrad for over a decade and more and he takes care of the service routines completely. When it comes to operations, and scheduling of services, it is Jeff who is on top of it all.

Nick Conrad- Founder


Nick has been in the cleaning service industry for over three decades and counting. He established Conrad Cleaning Solutions from scratch and has gotten it to where we are today. His over 30 years of experience is evident in the cleaning solutions and services we provide.

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