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Posted: 03/08/2018 16:58:17, in category Cleaning

; Research says that most people spend about 160-200 hours a month in a workplace. This is a lot of time spent outside of their homes and which means most parts of their waking hours are spent here.

How businesses can take advantage of a clean space!

There is a domino effect most people experience when everything is in order and in place and clean and neat. It really affects every individual and it is really palpable. 

On the other hand, if the place or surroundings are in disarray, cluttered and dirty, then this too affects people, but negatively. That is why businesses and companies should ensure that their workspace is neat, clean and inviting at all times!

How can they go about achieving this goal? It is simple. Engage experienced cleaners from dependable cleaning service companies and ensure that they undertake a scheduled cleaning that is noticeable and perceptible. 

A couple benefits that this brings about include:

  • As per Richard Caines, Mintel, an analyst "A clean environment improves people sense of wellbeing and reduces anxiety.
  • Motivation levels are markedly better. People are gung-ho about getting things done, are alert and sprightly and their creative bent of mind is a lot clearer and better. 
  • When longer hours are spent in an office, then it should translate to a home away from home scenario. As in, the space should be comfy, warm and clean, and this can be achieved if the cleaners carry out a good office cleaning or commercial cleaning on a regular basis. 

So, the next time you think of a clean office space, think of us!

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